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Bernardes Arquitetura and CFL Incorporadora sign luxury development in Florianópolis

On the edge of Lagoa da Conceição, a condominium will appear on land with unique characteristics and privileged views, with the sea and the Atlantic Forest as neighbors.

Um novo empreendimento imobiliário promete movimentar o mercado de luxo da capital catarinense nos próximos anos, com direito a assinatura de peso e um conceito bastante particular. A localização paradisíaca não poderia ser melhor: às margens da Lagoa da Conceição, em Florianópolis, o Canto da Lagoa será construído em um terreno de propriedade do empresário Pedro Sirotsky, que se uniu a dois parceiros – a Incorporadora CFL e o escritório Bernardes Arquitetura – para criar o Moradas do Canto, um condomínio com conceito e atmosfera de casas suspensas, com metragens entre 379 m² a 628 m², plantas personalizadas e muita sombra e água fresca.

Sirotsky acquired the land in 1994, when he led the RBS Group in the state. “We have lived in Floripa since 1988, on Avenida Beira Mar. Strolling through the Lagoa, we found this dream land and it was love at first sight. Our house was completed in 1997 and we lived in it until 2018.” But what motivated the sale of the land? “Life is made of cycles. The family grew, the children grew up, the grandchildren arrived. Then came a good energy telling me that it was time to change the cycle. Talking to friends, I made the decision to open up the possibility of a new project”, confides the businessman, who will keep one of the units for personal use.

Adding to the breathtaking location is the signature of the project, in charge of the renowned architectural firm headed by Thiago Bernardes. Among the challenges faced, perhaps the biggest is not to deface the original landscape, minimizing the impact on topography, vegetation and visuals from the lagoon and surroundings. In order to do so, we sought to employ in the project materials that had the meaning linked to their function in the building: stone basement volumes, exposed concrete on the beams and edges of the terraces, in addition to wood applied to the facade through the louvers, an element that heats and brings the reference of the nature present in the surroundings.

“In this way, we seek to create a space with scales of a collective character and, at the same time, consider the individual privacy of each unit, in addition to the greatest possible integration with the green and the lagoon”, explains the architect Fernando Sunao, from the Bernardes office.

The solution of “suspended houses” arose out of the desire not to replicate the multi-facade tower model. “We wanted something that would give everyone the privilege of having their own view of the Lagoon and that all apartments had terraces to have access to the green area – some with a large backyard – both on the ground floor and on the upper floors. Our premise, from the beginning, was not to have an apartment complex, but something closer to a village with houses in the middle of nature”, explains Sunao.

Following the DNA that made the office famous, each project is designed and developed in a unique way, taking into account the characteristics of the place, the scale of the surroundings, the materials available and, in this case, mainly nature. In this way, the integration between the building and the surroundings takes place as a natural result, without ruptures, as well as a good conversation. From this exchange arise the horizontal planes, the contrast between full and empty facades, the organic shapes, the volumes of the covered terraces and the glazed panels.

The commercialization of the project also counts on the participation of Imóvel A, a luxury real estate company of the Lopes chain, based in São Paulo, and present in nine states. Alexandre Villas, CEO of Imóvel A, highlights this as “an iconic project in the capital of Santa Catarina, punctuated by natural beauty and architecture and design. A rarity on the edge of Lagoa da Conceição and with the comfort and facilities of a metropolis. The exodus to smaller cities with better quality of life, reinforced by the pandemic, led many families to decide to live on the island, coming from São Paulo, Rio, Porto Alegre and other cities served by Lopes, a pity that there are few units. CFL is the developer that we recommend, as it makes products that are very much in line with the high standard and always in breathtaking addresses”.

Entrepreneur Pedro Sirotsky wishes the best of luck to anyone who chooses to live in this new paradise. “The energy here is very strong; plenty of spirituality and good fluids. This is not simply an architectural project, but a hell of a life project,” he adds.

Technical sheet
Moradas do Canto
Land area: 16,452.97 m²
Total private area: 7,852.56 m²
Private area apartments: 379 m² to 628 m²
Number of suites: 3 or 4
Number of spaces: 4 per apartment


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