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Special housing on the market is new in Porto Alegre

More time at home made the public look for spaces with an open concept of architecture

With the heated real estate sector and the increase in demand for larger environments, the proposal to acquire a super apartment has become a viable and desired option, making the architectural sector start 2021 with trends that cover this type of housing. CFL, one of the main developers in the South region, was concerned with meeting the demand and invested in projects with the proposal of large and functional spaces, with an “open concept” architectural orientation, in addition to super infrastructure for condominiums. The company recorded a 40% increase in sales of high-end properties in Porto Alegre in recent months.

“We are experiencing a new moment in the high-end real estate market, when living well and with space has become an absolute priority for consumers looking for a new home. Allied to this, we have a context of very low interest rates in Brazil and greater appreciation of residential real estate assets”, comments the Director of Sales and Marketing at CFL, Rafael Starosta.

One of the developments of the developer with this profile is Voga, located in the Bela Vista neighborhood, in the capital. With apartments measuring 509.68 m², distributed on a single floor, the units bring a home-from-home style, with large spaces and no pillars. Architect Heloísa Bocorny, responsible for signing the project, explains: “The idea was to make an apartment that would meet all the resident’s needs, with suites, an office, ample intimate and social living, kitchen, pantry and service area. The materials and external facades are contemporary, bringing modernity and durability”.

The structure has complete social areas: design pool with deck, party room with three environments, spa with sauna and relax area are some of the differentials. In addition, the location ensures proximity to all the practicalities of everyday life.


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